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About Me!

Dedicated web solutions professional

Experienced website designer who founded Cosmic Web Solutions in 2022. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Computing Science from Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland and have worked for Southside Partnership, Atos and Rehab Recycling. I am happy to apply my techniques to new areas that your website may require.

Do you have an idea - commercial, charitable, or artistic that you would like to offer to people on the internet? I can help you get your idea in front of the internet audience that you want quickly and simply. I work with clients to understand their idea and turn it into a website using WordPress, Wix, and Nicepage. We start with the website design, including the look of the pages and the flow to make a great user experience. We then work through the functionality that each page needs to have such as content, purpose & goal, audience needs, budget requirements, and website resources. Finally we test it so that the flow and speed is good, people can find it from search engines or links and that it delivers your idea to users’ satisfaction.

I look to make things simple for you, using a robust programme/app so that you can get your idea onto the internet and quickly and easily as possible. I can offer a fee structure that links payments to tangible results on the website.