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"Niall ​set up a website for me in 2019 for my stock market information service 'Sexton Reads The Charts'. A short time later, he set up a second website, being the member's website associated with the above which contains more detailed information. 

This venture has been an outstanding success to date. It was profitable in the very first year of operation, and I am very pleased with the expansion of the business since then, which has greatly surpassed my expectations. I am tremendously excited about the prospects for further developing this venture, as it has very low fixed costs, allied to rapid revenue growth. Niall's contribution to this successful venture cannot be understated. He put everything in place very quickly for both websites, and also made many worthwhile suggestions.

I have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending him to anyone who wishes to set up an on-line business, or further develop an existing on-line presence. His knowledge, enthusiasm and reliability would make him a most valuable team member."

Pat Sexton

"​Niall was introduced to me by another client of his, as being someone who could set up a good website for my English language teaching business.

I was very busy at the time (2020), as I was moving from Germany to a new home in Portugal. However, Niall made everything very easy, and I also considered the associated costs to be very reasonable. My website is called 'Anthony Teaches English'.

My relationship with Niall was therefore quite short, but in that time he did everything that I wanted him to do for my website, and I am happy to recommend him to anyone who wants to set up a professional, user friendly, on-line presence that will quickly generate business."

Tony O'Connell

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