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Most commonly frequently asked questions about my web solutions services.

1. What do you need from me to be able to design and build a website?​ 

We will need to discuss and agree the website functionality you are asking and how you want users to be able to use the website. I will outline for you what is feasible and the time implications of different key choices.

2. How soon will I be able to see a draft version of the website to see what it is like? 

Typically, I would expect to be able to provide you with an initial draft version of the website in 5-8 working days. However, the exact period will depend on the complexity of the functionality required.

3. What discussion with me is needed in the design stage?

We will need to discuss with you:

—  the information about you and your product/service to be presented on the website. You will need to have suitable rights to that information.

—  how best for users to navigate through different information and/or steps in the website.

—  how should users communicate with the website, for example by email or using a message board open to other users.

Please note that my website service does not curently direct e-ccommerce functionality to make payments on a website.

4. How will website users communicate with me?

The website can include a communication portal so that users can send messages via the website rather than having to email you separately. These messages from the website will be delivered to an email address specified by you while the website is active OR You will be able to login to the website to view the messages and the website will send you an email to inform you when a new message is received from a website user.  You will also be able to send messages back to users that have provided their email address.

5. How much can I change the template and/or the appearance of the website once it is built?

To change the template or the appearance of your wbsite once it is built you will need to fill out a Website Change Request Form. The steps involved in changing a request process are:

1. Understanding the scope changes.

2. Determine the impact of incorporating the changes. 

3. Seeking approval or disapproval of the change request. 

4. Communicate and implement the approved change request.

6.   What progams do you use to build websites?

Although there are many ways to build a website, there are a few that we find easiest: We use WordPress which is a website content management system. We also use Wix and Nicepage.

7.   How do I purchase my domain name?

To purchase your domain all you have to do is provide me with the name of the website you want to use. I will then register and setup the domain name on my system. Once payment is received for the domain registration the website will then go live.

8.   Will I have the choice of taking over the website myself or you maintaining it after it is built and fully functioning?

Once the website has been designed and live on the internet you can have the choice of maintaing it yourself or we will maintain the site for you. This can be discussed whgen the website goes live.

9.   Can I collect payments on the website or link to a payments website to collect revenue?

This service is currently under development and will be available shortly. In the meantime we can send you our bank details once you have contacted us.

10. Can I have a subscription/paywall section of the website?

Yes, this service is available on request

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